Our mission is to reach the Gospel of Jesus Christ across every nook and corner of this world thereby making disciples across every nation, every tribe and every tongue. 

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The World Needs Jesus

Every day,we work with various ministries, individuals to share the amazing love story of Jesus Christ with simple yet power tools. Would you like to partner with us to share this love story of God?

Witness the Gospel of Jesus 
Sow the Word of God and let the truth shall set them free
Make Disciples of every nations, tribe and tongue
Gather all what God had grown inside the Church

Jesus beckoned, "Follow Me and I will make you become fishers of men" (Mark 1.17). Being a disciple of Jesus involves SPIRITUAL growth as we walk with Him (following), and KINGDOM growth as we bring others to Him (fishing). It is our responsibility help fellow believers to grow as disciples, to follow Jesus and to fish for Him.

God is changeless—but on the other hand, disciples must change! When disciples are growing and moving forward, then churches are effective and grow toward maturity. Only then will we see disciples, churches, and leaders multiply.


Our Instruments of Use

We have a great deal of instruments that are quite simple yet powerful. All these tasks are build upon one of the following three critical areas.

Accountability to One Another
Learning in the context of relationships within the body—especially through modeling healthy and influential behaviors. Growing STRONGER in the body of Christ.
Intimacy with God
Learning as we hear God's voice through His word, abide in Christ, and obey Him. Growing DEEPER in love with the Lord.
Multiplication of the Kingdom
Learning both in the classroom setting and “on the job” as the Holy Spirit equips you. Growing BROADER in Kingdom influence.


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