A very brief way to share one's personal experience of Jesus.  The 15-second testimony is very easy to learn and minimizes the stress of bridging to the gospel.  It also leaves much unsaid, inviting conversation with people who are far from God.

Includes a handout sheet if neededInstructions:

This method is a study of contrasts based on four simple words or phrases that describe the life of the witness. 

To begin, get participants to do the following: 

  • Think of two words that describe your life before you met Jesus.
  • Think of two words that describe how Jesus changed your life.

Then let them as follows, using their own words or phrases:

“There was a time in my life when I was (insecure) and (angry).
But then I put my trust in Jesus, and I made Him King of my life.
Now I am (secure) and (full of joy).
Do you have a story like this?”

When you practice this method in a group, use that last phrase to pass it  to someone else in the group to practice it…and on and on until everyone has practiced in several times. 

For people who became believers at a very young age and don’t remember their conversion experience, let them think of two words that describe a time of crisis or uncertainty and how Jesus brought them through that time.