Demonstration of receptivity and how to handle various expressions of response to the gospel.  This is readily seen in Acts 17.32-34Instructions:

Let everyone open to Acts 17 and read the end of the chapter, particularly verses 32-34.  Ask participants to identify the three ways that people responded to Paul's discourse.

Draw an outline of a traffic signal.  As each type of response is given, color in the appropriate light:

  • Red - "some mocked"
  • Amber/Yellow - "we will hear you again about this"
  • Green - "but some joined him and believed"

Use these responses to help participants prepare how they will respond to similar situations that arise.

  • Red - move on gracefully (note that Paul did not interact with them further, defend himself, or criticize)
  • Amber/Yellow - invite these people to meet again to explore the Bible and answer their lingering questions
  • Green - lead these people to faith in Christ and begin training them as disciples immediately