The magnifying glass diagram highlights our supreme command to make disciples. 

This presentation does not diminish the importance of other activities or giftings, but emphasizes our neeed to always incorporate disciple making into those activities.


Begin by drawing a large circle near the top of the page, leaving space around it.  Let participants brainstorm the activities believers do the most: where they put most of their time and money.  Write down these responses around the circle (leaving room for a magnifying-glass handle directly below the circle that will be drawn later).

After several responses have been written down, give participants the following passages to read aloud:

  • 2 Peter 3.9
  • Matthew 6.10
  • Matt 28.18--20
  • Luke 19.10
  • 2 Timothy 2.2
  • John 17.4

Ask these participants to share, "What is the Father's Heart in this passage?"  Gather these findings and summarize them inside the circle.  Generally you will hear phrases like the following:

  • all people
  • all places
  • make / multiply disciples

Another approach is to highlight that the gospel has two parts:

  • the "payload" which is the gospel message itself
  • the "vehicle," referring to the disciples who carry it far and wide

At this point you can finish the diagram by drawing a handle below the circle to turn it into a magnifying glass.

Be sure to say that we are not criticizing anything outside the circle, but simply calling into question whether we are doing the Father's will when we fail to multiply disciples as we exercise our gifts.