A brief comparison of the two seas in the holy land and how they teach us about giving and takingInstructions:

Draw or display the diagram of the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

The Dead Sea is a large lake that lies at the lowest point on Earth's surface.  Water runs in from the Jordan River, but it has nowhere to go except to evaporate.  This continual process has for centuries left behind salts and mineral content in great concentration, rendering the sea unable to support life. 

Further north lies the Sea of Galilee, much smaller in size and volume. And yet this body of water sustains vast species of plant and animal life. Why? Because it has both an inlet and and outlet.

Some people are like the Dead Sea which just takes in water but has no outlet. They keep taking in, but there is no life and reproduction. Others are like the Sea of Galilee as they both receive and give--they pass on what they are learning. As a consequence, they are full of vibrancy and bear fruit for the Kingdom.