This diagram demonstrates that there are two forces: the Kingdom of Light and the domain of darkness.  Crossing from one to the other will result in conflict.

This diagram helps workers understand that non-believers are not our enemies, but are rather prisoners of darkness.  It also prepares workers for the inveitable spiritual warfare involved in missionInstructions:

Begin by drawing the boxes representing light and darkness. Remind people that unsaved people are not our enemy, but rather they are prisoners of the enemy!

Draw an arrow from the light to the darkness to demonstrate what Jesus did in coming to earth. Isaiah 61.1-3 and Philippians 2.4-11 are good passages to use here.  This represents the incarnation of Christ and is what we do when we go to spiritually lost people.

Draw another arrow from darkness to light to depict bringing people to salvation.  Use Colossians 1.13-14 to highlight this arrow.

Finally, draw the burst symbol in the center to show that suffering comes whenever someone tries crossing from one side to the other: whether going to lost people, or bringing lost people to the light.  The book of Acts is replete with examples!

Be sure to emphasize that suffering in this respect is not God's punishment, but rather the result of spiritual warfare brought on by dark forces.