A simple and effective diagram to communicate the gospel message.Instructions:

Draw the diagram as you speak to the unsaved person. You can begin with God's original plan, but most people tend to begin with brokenness.

Begin by reminding the person that we live in a broken world, and that God didn't create it this way.  In the upper right side, draw a circle with a jagged line through it to represent the broken world. 

As people experience brokenness, they try to escape through pleasures, drugs, sex, violence, and selfish behavior.  Draw squiggly lines going away from the circle, but pointing back to the circle showing that we always fall back to brokenness.  There is no escape.

Now draw a circle in the in the upper left side with a heart in it.  This represents the world as God created it, with harmony, peace, and right living. 

Draw an arrow from the left circle to the right circle, and write "Sin" above it.  This explains why we live in brokenness.  Again, God didn't plan it this way, but our sin has brought broknness upon ourselves. 

Now draw a third circle below the other two, and draw a cross inside.  This represents the plan of God to rescue us from brokenness.  Christ came from Heaven (draw a down arrow) to die for our sins, then He was resurrected (draw an up arrow) to demonstrate His power over sin.

Draw an arrow from the brokenness circle to the cross circle.  If we trust Him and accept His gift of salvation, we can be saved.

Draw a crown over the circle to show that Jesus wants to be King and Lord of our life.  Draw an arrow from the cross circle to the heart circle to demonstrate our new life and our walk with Him.